In the current environment, “defence” lawyers play a key role in the future of companies. Conflict resolutions, on-going advices and protection of their interests before the courts are of extreme importance to companies.

Companies are legally advised, assisted and protected from a defence and prosecution view point.

We differentiate ourselves by keeping our customers well informed in the development of their legal case. We want them to know and understand first-hand  the progress of our work at any given time.

Areas of practice:

  • Discovery and disclosure of secrets
  • Homes search of legal entities and establishments open to the public
  • Crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order
  • Fraud and scam
  • Robbery
  • Falsification, forgery
  • Corporate crimes
  • Money Laundering Prevention
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury
  • Environmental offenses
  • Crimes against the market and consumers
  • Crimes against privacy and self-image
  • Crimes against honour (libel and slander)
  • Crimes against the Public Administration and the Administration of Justice (prevarication, bribery, corruption)
  • Industrial property (trademarks, patents, domains)
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